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We have discovered in the last 30 yrs that one of the vital elements of practicing criminal law especially regarding DWI and DUI is to try to empower the client through knowledge. With regards to the defensive strategy of driving under the influence scenario or driving while intoxicated scenario is very elaborate.

These kinds of cases are usually rife with:

  • Constitutional issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Observational issues
  • Scientific issues
  • Procedural problems

A well-informed customer is the best client to work with in situations like these. The quality of communication involving our law offices and the customers is crucial to develop confidence and decision-making abilities. Communication and trust are one of our law firm’s top priorities.

We continue to be dedicated to our clients, committed to the beliefs in the constitution and focused on the modern practice of law.

We Offer Personalized Legal Representation

When involved in a DWI or DUI, you most likely will go through considerable adverse effects and may even sense being overwhelmed, ashamed as well as afraid of the judicial system. Most likely you have plenty of questions.

For example:

  • Exactly what are the costs likely to be?
  • Am I Going To suffer a loss of my personal driver’s license?
  • Can I be sentenced to time in jail?
  • Will this impact my work?
  • Should You plead not guilty, guilty or no contest to the charges?

Our DUI attornies in Texas is aware of exactly how nerve-racking a DWI police arrest is. We’re focused on making this process as smooth and as feasible as possible for you. We provide individualized service and make an effort to ensure your concerns and questions are resolved. Our Texas DWI team will help you at each phase of your particular case and definitely will provide you with the attention and dedicated service you deserve.

Give us a call today so our team can get started on your case.

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